Farm Health and Safety Statements and Farm Visits

Farm Health and Safety Statements and Farm Visits2018-01-13T08:55:26+00:00

Farm Health and Safety Statements and Farm Visits

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 requires all farmers to prepare and implement a Safety Statement. Farmers with three or fewer employees may instead follow the Code of Practice.

This act requires a safe place of work which includes the farmyard and buildings, safe working practices and procedures, safe equipment and machinery, a safe way in and out of the farmyard and other places of work, including farm buildings, information and training for workers, personal protective equipment where necessary, a safe system for the storage, handling and use of articles and substances and adequate toilet and washing facilities.

Farmers must notify any work accident which prevents anyone carrying out their normal duties for more than three calendar days. Specified dangerous occurrences such as fires, explosions and chemical spillages must also be notified. Farmers have similar duties to employers. Farmers must conduct their operations in such a manner so as not to put persons at risk (e.g. visitors, especially children and contractors).

Farmers are prepared to invest a lot of money in machinery and buildings but invest very little in health and safety. Allow someone else to “see the wood from the trees” and help you lead a much safer life.

Greentrack can advise farmers on completing a farm safety statement, implementing the code of practice and also accompany the farmer on a farm inspection. Potential hazards can be identified and agreement reached on the corrective actions required.

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