Farm Partnership Agreements

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Farm Partnership Agreements

Farm Partnerships can be established where two or more farmers operate their enterprises jointly. This form of farm management is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland and can provide major economic and social benefits to all concerned. Shared facilities, machinery, working capital and work responsibility can provide a much better quality of life.

Farmers with very different circumstances, needs, aspirations and work preferences can established Farm Partnerships in Ireland. Partnerships are individual agreements that can be customised to farmers’ different needs and must be flexible and versatile and go through a  detailed planning process. This planning process must address all aspects of the proposed partnership down to the small details as this is very often where disputes can arise.

Farm Partnerships are found to offer a wide variety of benefits to farmers, but this depended on the quality of the investment made in drawing up a comprehensive partnership agreement.

Farm Partnerships are acknowledged to provide a solution to a common challenge experienced by farmers. Farmers who do not have the manpower or finances to improve the financial performance of their farms, yet wish to improve the economic viability of their farms, can use a Farm Partnership to access the manpower and resources they require. Farm Partnerships, while facilitating farms to increase their scale and manpower, also allows the family farm to remain in family ownership. While family farms in partnership operate together as larger entities, they are distinct from industrial-scale corporate farms because they are run by cooperating family farms.

Denis Faulkner is experienced in helping individuals to negotiate the terms of a partnership agreement. Greentrack can then provide a complete service to deal with all the DAFM requirements, including farm partnership application, basic payment entitlements transfers and herd number applications.

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